Where do you get your ideas?

jadeites-journey-final-coverSometimes the plot for a story can arise from the smallest idea. Newspaper headlines, a coworker’s story, an intriguing person you’ve met, an usual accident, or even lyrics from a song may inspire an author. Basically, anything that triggers a writer’s interest can be the seed for a new story. 

At a recent book event, I spoke about the inspiration for my new Young Adult book.  What if we could live in a society without problems?

The setting for  Jadeite’s Journey takes place in Colorado in the year 2616. I envisioned a utopian society without our troubling contemporary problems.

Sweltering summers? Controlled

Run to the grocery store? Unnecessary

Pollution? Nonexistent

Crime? Doesn’t happen

Sickness? Conquered

And you won’t believe what you can do for entertainment!

Jadeite takes her perfect world for granted until secrets surface. She discovers her father is an illegal Ridge Runner bridging two worlds, and her brother is sick. When she breaks up with her new boyfriend, she discovers his family’s dangerous connections to this new society. Now this ordinary teen must risk her life to save her brother.

My initial idea lead to an adventure through a future world full of danger and intrigue. As a writer, you never know where an idea will lead.

Jadeite’s Journey is available at Amazon

Check out my YA book blog at Spellbound Café and my bookstagram: @lucindastein on Instagram


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