My Latest Books!

IMG_20171023_120540_066Jadeite’s Journey is my first young adult book. Jadeite’s perfect world unravels when she discovers secrets spinning all around her. Everyone–from her new boyfriend to her own father–is hiding something! Society in 2616 has eliminated pollution, sickness, poverty, and crime. Sounds perfect, right?

Technology has created awesome types of entertainment such as a climbing wall—without a wall—where climbers ascend in midair. In the Grasshopper Ballroom, teens can do everything from dancing to gymnastic moves in an antigravity atmosphere amid flashing lights and music. And Jadeite’s hot new boyfriend? Mattie proves to be not only a bully but dangerous. Now Jadeite must risk her life to save her family.

IMG_20170710_114711Dry Run, Oklahoma was inspired by stories from my husband’s family. Belle mounts the fight of her life as she struggles to live–and love–in the hardscrabble times of the Depression. What makes this story unique? Native American culture infuses Dry Run, Oklahoma. Belle is a young Comanche woman, the same tribe as my husband’s family. In my research for the book, I learned many surprising things that helped bring this story to life!

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