What My Sister Did

Dear Readers and Fellow Bibliophiles:

Here’s a blurb for my latest book, What My Sister Did:

Seventeen-year-old Mimi finds an abandoned baby hidden in the family guest house. There’s only one answer to this startling discovery—her rebellious sister, Attie.

What my sister did amazonTheir parents are recently divorced, their mother suffering from depression, and Attie definitely can’t be relied on to take care of an infant. Mimi decides to save the child. But how long can she keep this secret–a secret she keeps even from her sister?

People often ask how I get my ideas for books. In this case, the seed for the idea came straight from the headlines of a newspaper. Struck in the heart, I was haunted by the tragedy of the article. Of course, the initial idea—that gut reaction, that spark—morphed into its own story and moved forward on its own accord! In this story, two sisters are as different as day and night. Add to the mix a family in the throes of difficult emotional change. Then throw in a baby abandoned and left to die.

A personal note: In my story, the baby survives. Writing this book was my heart’s way of changing reality and saving the baby from the news story. The storyline evolved and became a story about a struggling family and two very different sisters. I believe you will find the ending unexpected but satisfying.

I hope you enjoy the book! Lucinda

What My Sister Did is available in print & e-book on amazon




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